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Joe Sheehan Dodger Breakdown

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With the Joe Sheehan GM for the day freed from behind the firewall, I thought we could take a look at his suggestions.

So here's the plan, in order of importance:

  1. Sign Derek Lowe for four years and $62 million. He's the best fit for this team and this payroll, and there should be some value to Lowe in not having to relocate. If there's not, ply him with additional money.

  2. Trade Xavier Paul and Victor Garate to the Brewers for Rickie Weeks; then make Weeks a center fielder. It's a low bid, and honestly, I'm skeptical enough of DeJesus' power and ability to play shortstop than I might deal him if that's what it took to get Weeks.

  3. Sign Ray Durham for two years, $8 million. The extra year is designed to get this over with quickly, as the falloff from Durham to the next option is steep enough to want to avoid the question. If Durham is done, this is an easy contract to eat. Speaking of which…

  4. Release Andruw Jones. Ideally, you could get him to agree to a buyout, where he takes 60 cents on the dollar and gets to hit the market again, choosing that ahead of a season in which he bats 125 times as the Dodgers' fifth outfielder. There's no place for him on this roster. A year ago, I loved this signing; I was very, very wrong.

  5. Sign Javier Valentin. He starts 30-35 games against good right-handed pitchers and is a very good pinch-hitter the rest of the time.

  6. Re-sign Takashi Saito. Offer him a high-upside deal. It's not likely there's much guaranteed money available for him, and he's one of those "good or unavailable" guys.

  7. Offer arbitration to Ramirez. I can't fathom him taking it, and almost no team uses draft picks as well as the Dodgers do.

These things done, my 2009 Dodgers:

Weeks CF
Ethier LF
Kemp RF
Loney 1B
Martin C
Durham 2B
DeWitt 3B

Bench: Pierre, Valentin, Delwyn Young, Tony Abreu, Jason Repko

Rotation: Lowe, Billingsley, Kershaw, Kuroda, Kuo, Schmidt

Bullpen: Broxton, Saito, Cory Wade, McDonald, Stults, Elbert


1. D Lowe does not want to sign with us. Everyone in LA knows this so while I wouldn't mind signing D Lowe he is not an option and it bothers me when someone tries to build our roster and ignores the reality of the situation. Lowe will have plenty of suitors and may not get his 4 year deal but he will get a deal he likes.

2. Huge difference between trading a 4th outfielder like Paul and a minor league rule 5 pickup in Garate compared to DeJesus. Again reality is not at work. The Brewers would never deal Weeks for the 1st offer and we'd probably be foolish to deal DeJesus for Weeks. Canuck thinks Weeks will not be any better then what we have seen. I think he is wrong and that Weeks will fullfill the potential scouts saw when he was drafted and when he destroyed AAA pitching at age 22. His 2007 2nd half is not to be ignored. If this was me I'd  trade for  Weeks and let Weeks be the 2nd baseman in 2009 and then move him to CF in 2010 when the outfield would be Kemp/Weeks/Ethier. I have a week spot for Weeks and would try to figure out a way to consumate the deal without including DeJesus who I want to be my 2nd baseman in 2010.  Then again reality should also be in my realm as why would Ned be interested in a low average high OB guy. I'm sure he finds them worthless as that was what Betemit was doing when he was dumped for a middle relief pitcher. Speaking about Betemit it sounds like Kenny Williams is going to make him the starting 3rd baseman for the WhiteSox. Bet it works out better then most people expect.

3. Nothing wrong with signing Ray Durham but you better sign someone like Loretta to be his platoon mate or be sure that Abreu can step in and play when he gets hurt, which he will, and then have someone ready to play for Abreu (DeJesus) when Abreu gets hurt.

4. Andruw Jones in todays market will not accept a buyout at 60 cents on the dollar. He would not be able to make up the difference with a new contract. Would anyone give him more then 1 million? On Dec 10th he will be playing in the DWL and we can see what kind of shape his body and skills are in.

5. Good idea

6. Good idea

7. Good idea and already done. He won't accept arbitration so we will either get draft picks or sign him to a three year deal if other suitors don't step. Or maybe he will accept arbitration. Who knows, maybe the market really does suck this year and he'd make his 20 million plus while continuing to rebuild his stock for next years free agent run.