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The Glory and Pain of 2008

The Good Stuff

Not in any order of importance

1. Chad Billingsley's continued development into the ace of the Dodger staff.

2. Clayton Kershaw's rapid ascension into the rotation

3. Hong-Chih Kuo becoming the best setup man in baseball

4. Blake DeWitt's April/May and Sept

5. Mannywood

6. Hiroki Kuroda breaking Ned's bad streak of free agent busts

7. Matt Kemp proving he can play centerfield

8. Andre Ethier ripping 3.5 off his resume and becoming a real force

9. Russel Martin's all-star 1st half

10. Vin Scully

11. Winning our 1st playoff series in 20 years and doing it in fine style

12. Rafy Furcal's 1st four  weeks of dynamite baseball

13. Cory Wade's season from nowhere

14. Chan Ho Park's semi successful return

15. Nomar playing SS one last time and  giving us one last walk off home run

16. The Boston/Dodger Coliseum Game

17. Playing baseball in China

18. Carlos Santana breaking out in High A

The Bad Stuff

1. Andruw Jones

2. Rafael Furcal's Back

3. Blake DeWitt's June/July

4. Andy LaRoche's failure to impress

5. Carlos Santana getting traded

6. Chad Billingsley pitching horribly against the Phillies

7. Jeff Kent's body giving out

8. Russel Martin's powerless 2nd half

9. Loney's double plays

10. Berroa getting 200 at bats while putting up a 62 OPS+

12. Chin-Ling Hu making the Mendoza line looking good

13. To much bad Penny

14. Still no Schmidt

15. Mark Sweeney putting up one of the worse pinch hitting seasons in history

Feel free to add to the good and the bad.