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Empty Suitors

Headed into fall the assumptions were that Manny would bring in a 100 Million deal from somewhere, that Blake could get his 3 year deal. I felt Rafy's best bet was to take a one year deal from us and rebuild his reputation but then we heard the A's were going to offer him four years. Now that he's said NO it looks like even Rafy may have to swallow hard and lower his expectations. Do any of them even have one suitor who will make a better offer then what the Dodgers offered, when they 1st became free agents? So far it only looks like Lowe has multiple suitors and maybe that has also been overdone by his agent.  Maybe they were right about Brad Penny.

Winter meetings kick in this week and by next week maybe we will know who our 4th & 5th starters are, who our 2nd, SS, & 3rd baseman are, and how much money the free agents lost when the stock market tanked moments before they decided to test the limits of American capitalism.

If this team heads into 2009 with the same lineup that wiped the floor with the Cubs minus Lowe, color me surprised and pleased. Juan Pierre or Andruw Jones may not be happy about that but that concerns me, none at all.

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