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Winter Meeting Day Three

Per Tony Jackson Saito might be done

Ned Colletti characterized the negotiations as ``a staredown,'' and although he didn't say it, it was clear that if Saito doesn't reach agreement with the club by Friday, the deadline for clubs to offer contracts to their arbitration-eligible players, he will be non-tendered and sent into what is shaping up as free-agent purgatory this winter for many of the game's unsigned players.

Dodgers might have interest in Omar Vizquel

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He clearly would be nothing more than a fallback plan if the club doesn't sign Rafael Furcal, he'll turn 42 in April, and he hasn't hit better than .250 in three years. But he IS an 11-time Gold Glove winner and would be another excellent addition to the clubhouse. He also would shore up the SS position for a year until Ivan De Jesus is ready, although he wouldn't come close to providing the offense Furcal did.


Per Tony Jackson

By the way, I got bad info earlier. The Dodgers are NOT interested in Omar Vizquel.

Tony used to shill for us to get Juan Castro which I never understood. If we spend any money on Omar it will be to much. He is surely one player who even Hu could outhit this year. I'd even take Berroa back over Omar.


If we are going to carry Rosenthal rumors we'd be remiss in not including his slimy bunkmate Steve Philips who reports:

The Royals, Blue Jays, A's and Dodgers remain in the mix for free-agent shortstop Rafael Furcal. Kansas City's front office has asked ownership for more money. The A's had their offer rejected, but they're still in it.

I guess they would move surprise player of the year Mike Aviles to 2nd if the Royals were to be successful in reeling in Rafy.


Okay this is rumor milling at it's worse but since we are playing this game, here is the latest from Rosenthal with Juan Pierre getting some mill action.

The idea is a longshot, but the Mets have shown interest in trading for Pierre, the Dodgers' forgotten outfielder.

To move Pierre, the Dodgers would need to assume a large chunk of his remaining salary — $10 million in 2009, $10 million in 2010 and $8.5 million in '11.


Jon Weisman has even more on the disturbing Schmidt insurance lawsuit


CC has landed in NY

Sabathia Reaches Agreement

10:14am: Tim Brown and Gordon Edes of Yahoo report that the deal is for $161MM over seven years (which would top Johan's average annual value).

The deal has an opt-out clause after the first three years, which are worth $69MM. The 31 year-old Sabathia will make his opt-out decision after the 2011 season with four years, $92MM remaining on the deal. He would have to buck the opt-out trend (or renegotiate) to make this more than a three-year, $69MM deal for the Yankees. That is not necessarily a bad thing for them.

I actually thought he'd go somewhere else and spurn the Yankee's. Now I have to root against him instead of for him. To bad, I really liked the big guy. That should eliminate the Yankee's making a run a Manny.


We have a 3rd baseman

We have a utility player

Diamond with some interesting news on Andruw Jones, Tony Abreu, and the Dodgers suing over Jason Schmidt

Tony Jackson with an update on the new spring training facility, Joe Torre quotes, and his old job

More rumors:

The most important takeaway from yesterday's Rafael Furcal rumors: his agent Paul Kinzer told Ken Rosenthal the Dodgers, Blue Jays, Royals, and A's are in the running. Furcal still wants four years. We also have word from Yahoo's Tim Brown that the Orioles are in on Furcal, and the list might at times include the Indians. Brown says the O's would sign Furcal as a complement to Mark Teixeira.

Stark talked to several baseball people who still don't believe Sabathia wants to be in New York. One predicted the Yanks would have to include an opt-out clause. Also, Stark speaks of indications that the Dodgers told C.C. they might be interested if they can fill some of their other needs affordably.

I'd say Loretta and Blake came cheap enough. Sounds like they need to fill the SS vacancy and see what they have left. I've given the idea of CC pitching for us at zero percent but I'm going to move that upto %7.5. If Ned was to bring in the big Marlin, I might have to put him in the tagline in a positive way.