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Spring Battles & Questions

  1. Who will be the 3rd baseman? The prospect who is ready to play everyday or the over the hill veteran with something to prove. I'm not as down on Nomar as the rest of you but LaRoche should be given the job with plenty of room to fail.
  2. Who will play everyday in the outfield? Jones is a given in CF but everything else is up in the air. You have voted on what you think will happen, now we shall find out how Joe Torre manages.
  3. Who will win the utility spot? It would appear it is between Abreu, Hu, and Ramon Martinez. But they keep talking about Nomar as a super sub. No one seems to think he can do it but remember this is the same manager who played Betemit at 2nd and SS last year after everyone said Betemit could only play 3rd base. I'm not counting out Nomar as becoming the super sub and opening up a roster spot. Of course once Torre see's Kent play 2nd base he will probably opt to keep a defensive utility player.
  4. Will Schmidt by ready April 1st to take his spot in the rotation? If not, will there be competition between Loaiza and Kuo for the 5th spot? It is not out of the realm of possibility that all three could get hurt during spring training. Who then would be the next realistic option? Jason Johnson?
  5. Who fills out the bullpen? Saito, Broxton, Beimel, and Proctor are the locks. Picking the final 2 or 3 slots will depend on if Schmidt is in the rotation. If he is then expect Loaiza and Kuo to take 2 of those slots. If not then one goes into the rotation and Seanez, Brazoban, Chan Ho, Hull, Myers, Koplov, Martin, and Stults can fight for the last two spots.
  6. Will it be Repko or D Young to round out the outfield?
  7. Is Elbert back from his minor shoulder surgery?
  8. Is Morris able to regain his command and stuff after Tommy John?
  9. Can Greg Miller throw a strike once in a while?