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Choo Freeman Replaced By Bad Man

The Dodgers have inked Nook Logan to a minor league deal, presumably to replace the scrap lost when Choo Freeman left the Las Vegas 51s. If you don't remember Choo Freeman, that's about how relevant Nook Logan will be for the Dodgers this year. The best way to describe Logan is "like Juan Pierre, but worse", with a career line of .268/.314/.346. He's my kind of player.

Actually, this isn't a terrible move. Once Jason Repko hurts himself, the Dodgers are one outfielder injury away from having to place Xavier Paul, far from a finished product, on the 25 man roster. Logan gives the Dodgers another option for the bench in an emergency besides having Anthony Raglani hit .190. It's not likely that Logan will be relevant, but there might be a time this season when we're happy to have him. Granted, as much as I say this now, I'll probably hate him the second he puts on a Dodger uniform.

All in all, we lost the best name in the organization, but we quickly picked up the slack there for the same next to nothing cost. Good job, Ned.