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Opening Old Wounds

John Sickles does a post mortem on Hee-Seop Choi's career. I know that Choi did himself no favors with his performance for the Pawtuckett Sox, but I wonder how many players carrers ended the year after they hit .253/.336/.453 as a 27 year old?

Update>>Answer: not many. When you start taking out people who weren't forced into retirement due to lack of interest, the 10 man list gets even smaller. Joe Jackson and Hap Felsch were members of the Black Sox. Tim Naering retired due to injuries. Dave Nillson retired voluntarily to play for the Austrialian Olympic team, Chicken Hawks played once at age 21 then had one more season at age 25, so who knows what was going on there, and Nick Johnson will probably play again in the future. That leaves Junior Felix and Troy Neel as Choi's buddies in the "guys who were forced into retirement for no apparent reason" club. Thanks to El Lay Dave for this.