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I'd Say This Counts As Irony

Via the Southtown Star

How serious was White Sox general manager Ken Williams about a seemingly meaningless four-inning intra-squad game Monday?

After Nick Swisher led off with a single, Williams yelled down to his new player, "We run hard to first base in Chicago!"

Williams then paused, turned to the coaching staff and said, "Make sure he (expletive) hears what I said."

Now, hustle and everything is great, but really, it's a four inning intersquad game, I'd like to think that a guy not pulling something would be the most important thing here.

Oh wait...

No player took more advantage than outfielder Jerry Owens. He led off the bottom of the first with a perfectly executed bunt to a hole on the first-base side, then scored on a hit-and-run hit by Orlando Cabrera.

Owens singled in his second at-bat before a tweaked groin ended his afternoon.