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Final Results of Dodger 2008 Configuration Pool

What will be the Dodger OF configuration in 2008
Kemp/Jones/Ethier on a regular basis       141 votes - 37 %
Kemp/Jones/Pierre on a regular basis       54 votes - 14 %
Kemp and Pierre platooned with Jones/Ethier getting regular work       7 votes - 1 %
Ethier and Pierre platooned with Jones/Kemp getting regular work       114 votes - 30 %
Kemp and Ethier platooned with Jones/Pierre getting regular work       56 votes - 15 %

372 Total Votes

TrueBlue readers are an optimistic lot that Joe will pick the correct alignment. I don't think it will be that way on opening day but I do hope that by the end of the year Ethier will have more at bats then Pierre.