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The Great Escape

Loved the Sons of Steve Garvey breakdown of the super bowl ad's.

Sometimes we have to deviate from Dodger Baseball when something interesting happens elsewhere in the sports world. There was a game played yesterday and for once it lived upto it's name. Even though the key scoring didn't take place until the last 3 minutes of the game, the defense of both teams kept me entertained throughout. I entered the game rooting for the Pat's but only because I'm a huge Packer fan and I wanted revenge wrecked upon the Giants and their dour coach. As the game went on I started rooting for my pool and hoping for friends of mine to win some money. When the Pat's started the drive to their go  a head touchdown I had calculated that the Pats would need to score a touchdown and the Giants would need to score for a good friend to win our pool. So at that time I told our party what we needed and that meant I had to become a Giant fan. I may have only been a Giant fan for about 2 minutes but it may have been the best time ever to be a Giant fan. What a drive, and the play I hear they are calling the Great Escape may have been the best play I've ever seen in the Super Bowl, from Eli escaping what looked like a certain sack to the most incredible catch in a big moment I've ever seen. From there it was all Eli and then the defense needed one more big stop and they provided it.

It was a super game and I'd like to thank my niece for being such a great host. The ad's were boring but we got a kick out of the Etrade Baby and the talking stain was awesome.

The best thing about the Super Bowl is that when it is over it means Baseball is right around the corner.