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Alex White - Best Sophmore Pitcher?

Recent BA Chat:
JJ, Liberty Twp OH: Never too early to talk about the 2009 draft, Jim! Who's the #1 overall pick next year?

SportsNation Jim Callis: Right now, I'd say take your pick between college right-handers, Missouri's Kyle Gibson or North Carolina's Alex White.

Alex White of course was drafted by the Dodgers in the 14th round out of HS and didn't sign. He wanted lots of money and the Dodgers wouldn't cough it up. If he does go as the number one pick in 2009 then the Dodgers will have drafted 3 HS pitchers in this decade that they did not sign who went on to become the number one overall pick in the draft.
David Price - Drafted in  19th round 2004; Number one overall pick in 2007
Luke Hochevar - Drafted in 39th round, 2002 out of HS, did not sign; Drafted in 1st round 2005 out of College, did not sign; Number one overall pick in 2006
Alex White - Drafted in 14th round 2006 out of HS; As we enter the 2008 college baseball season he is one of the top ranked sophomore pitchers in college.