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Abusing My Power To Save My Ass

Update [2008-3-2 12:10:37 by Andrew]: Got someone. Thanks all. I'm kind of in a bind right now. i had someone drop out of a keeper league at the last minute and  need to get a replacement. You would need to be able to draft at 10 in the morning tomorrow Pacific Time, it's a 6 X 6 league (adding OPS and Holds) and you'd be inheriting this team.

Eric Bedard
Derek Jeter
Yovani Gallardo
Jarrod Saltalamachia
Cameron Maybin
Andy LaRoche
Clay Buchholz
Felix Pie

This team is, quite frankly, terrible, but we need someone that can step in and be knowledgeable. Send me an E-Mail to andrew at dodgermath dot com if you're interested.