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Toy Cannon turns 66

The Toy Cannon turns 66 today. One of the most unique players in baseball, only Mel Ott and Yogi Berra produced more home runs for someone 5'9 or smaller. Combined with Joe Morgan they were a dynamic duo but neither would win until they left the Astros. Once in CF his speed, arm, power, and patience made him one of the best ballplayers from 1964 - 1975. He got his nickname from the enormous power he generated from his small stature. His home run numbers may not impress you but when you take into account ballpark factors they should as the Houston Astrodome was Petco like in deflating offensive numbers.

It doesn't happen often but in the winter of 1973 the Dodgers acquired my favorite player and for one year my favorite player was playing on my favorite team. Wynn had been made available because of the emergence of the phenom Cesear Cedeno who took over center field. Houston needed pitching the Dodgers neeed power so with two trades the Dodgers acquired Jimmy Wynn and Mike Marshall and no has ever made two better trades in one week. That story is however for another day.

Today belongs to Jimmy Wynn who lived up to my faith and had the best year on the World Series bound Dodgers. I'd write more about him but others have already done so and much better then I could hope to.

Josh takes a look at the Toy Cannons crazy 1976 season near the end of his career.

The Hardball Times and John Brattain takes a look at his career in detail.

Then the Toy Cannon recounts his greatest game and it just so happens to be a Dodger game.