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Prospect Info

Lots of minor league information being posted by Ken Gurnick.

The best news might be that Byran Morris is throwing pain free and his velocity seems to be all the way back.

Josh Bell has lost 30 lbs since last year. That is a lot of weight, hopefully it will make him more agile without taking away his power.

The Dodger/Angel game televised was televised today and they will also televise the Easter game against the Rockies. Lowe looked good but Saito gave up a bomb to Napoli. DeWitt played 3rd, followed by Hu with Abreu playing 2nd. Abreu made one great defensive play but I don't think we want to play to many games with an infield of Loney, Abreu, Furcal, and Hu. Not if Juan Pierre is playing LF.