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Old Words

From Joe Posnanski comes his desire to bring back several old words.

Velleity: Describes a mild desire, a wish or urge too slight to lead to action.
So. for instance, if you're in bed at 11 p.m., like I was last night, and you're KIND OF hungry, you KIND OF want to go downstairs and maybe pour yourself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs or something, but you don't ... that's a velleity. Or if you hear that Royals manager Trey Hillman KIND of wants to have Ross Gload hit in the No. 3 spot, you hope that's a velleity.

Ugsome: A late medieval word meaning loathsome or disgusting.
We must bring this back. I suggest we begin by saying, "Juan Pierre's swing is ugsome."

I'm down with Ugsome and I could easily say Joe Torre wants Juan Pierre to bat leadoff but Dodger fans hope this a velleity.

I love to watch Stephen Curry shoot a basketball. ESPN has him as the 39th player on the draft board entering the tournament. He has now played 3 March Madness games and dominated from the SG position better then anyone I've ever seen. He may look 14 but this guy is a killer on the court.