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Rob Neyer Makes His Deadline

Rob Neyer went with the easy column today, naming the top 50 players over the next five years. Two Dodgers appear on the list, Martin at 33, and Matt Kemp at 49. Personally, I have to question the validity of the list when Kemp is stuck between Justin Morneau (three years older and has one good season out of four to his credit) and Asdrubal Cabrera (really, Asdrubal Cabrera?) Also, Neyer could be one of the few people outside of New York that would take Melky Cabrera over Kemp. He justifies Kemp's place on the list by saying "why couldn't he get constant playtime last year?" but dysfunctional management seems to be the person to blame for that.

I actually made a similar list with my friends to kill time on the way back from Vegas, and it should be appearing on my friend's site Baseball Mastermind shortly. Needless to say, Matt Kemp appears much higher on the list.