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Frank McCourt Isn't Funny

Frank McCourt had an interview with KROQ's Kevin and Bean this morning. Since Kevin and Bean are wacky morning DJs and not sportswriters, they weren't adhering to the unspoken agreement between the media and sportsmen that you never ask any question that can't be answered with a cliché. This must have stunned McCourt since he seemed to be unable to get out of generic interview mode. For example, when it was mentioned the best thing Arte Moreno ever did was lower the price of beer, McCourt could only respond with "we just want to bring the fans a championship." (read, I hope you like paying nine dollars for watered down Bud Light). When they were talking about how great it was that he hired Joe Torre because McCourt could abuse him however he wanted and he'd still be better than Steinbrenner. The human response here would to at least pretend to laugh, but McCourt had to explain how the Dodgers are all about family and Torre is one of us.

Its things like this that make me like players like Odalis Perez. Not only is Perez not a good pitcher, he's a bad citizen too. Discontinuing his program to give disadvantaged children tickets to his starts because he never got recognized for it? Scrooge McDuck would think that's cold. But, at least Odalis was honest about it, and I have to respect that. There's no way I should approve of things like this, but if I have to choose between this or hearing about Derek Jeter giving 110 percent and taking it one day at a time, I'll take Odalis any day of the week.

The interview also made me realize that my landlord sounds just like Frank McCourt, so I guess I did get something of value from it.