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Bullet Dodged

Chan Ho Park has been assigned to minor league camp, avoiding the inevitable heart break that will occur if he was given a starting job. Of course, this could change once Derek Lowe's sideburns offend Joe Torre. Interestingly, Ramon Martinez also got optioned, which seems to insure that both Blake Dewitt and Chin Lung Hu will be on the opening day roster, because without both, we'd enter opening day missing a backup at either third or short.

Since I misinterpreted the instructions for the 2.0 migration, it will take a few days for me to rebuild my sidebar content.

Update>> Tony Jackson is saying that Andre Ethier is the starting left fielder. I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this. Obviously, it gives the team a huge boost and was the right thing to do, but it seems to be motivated entirely by Ethier and Pierre's Spring Training performance. While that worked out this time, it could lead to bad decisions in the future.

Jackson also mentions that someone named Angel Chavez hasn't been cut (.291/.336/.433 for AAA Scranton last year) and could be in the running for the useless utility guy position.

Unrelated Update >> Baseball Mastermind has the third and final part of our top 30 players in baseball list.