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Open Thread Game One: San Francisco Giants

After six long baseballless months we finally get games that count again starting today. It's a perfect excuse for me to accomplish nothing for the rest of the day since I've got a bad case of the Mondays.

Prior to the game Eric Hull was DFAed presumably to add Chan Ho Park at some later date since there was already room for both Blake Dewitt and Angel Chavez. When Chan Ho Park invetibly implodes, and we can't find a middle reliever to replace him, we can pretty easily scapegoat Ned for this one.since Jason Schmidt was not placed on the 60 day DL as expected, and we needed a spot for Angel Chavez or Blake Dewitt. Still, yay, opening day, not the time for negativity. I'm single and lack a social life this season, so I'll probably be in these game threads much more.