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Switch Hitters

Josh is discussing the most under rated player of the 70's in which Reggie Smith is the lead story. Near the end of the comments he started asked about the greatest switch hitting team of all time. Reggie Smith makes the list but it got me to thinking about the Dodger switch hitters. When I first started following the Dodgers, the team was littered with switch hitters. At first it looked like players like Jimmy Lefebvre and Bill Sukakis would be slugging switch hitters and break the mold of the weak hitting switch hitting infielder but alas the power of Frenchy was an illusion of health. Anyway I put together a quick switch hitting team of 70's. At least Reggie Smith puts some teeth into the lineup. Anyone remember Billy North playing for us?

C - Bob Stinson
1st - Wes Parkerr
2nd - Jim Lefebvre
SS - Maury Wills
3rd - Bill Sudakis
RF - Reggie Smith
CF - Billy North
LF - Derrel Thomas
Utility - Rafael Landestoy