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No crying in baseball?

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"There's NO crying in BASEBALL!!" (via ehrynL85)



The famous line from the great baseball movie "A League of Their Own" might be right when it comes to the players, but when it comes to the fans they couldn’t be more wrong.

On opening day the Dodgers trotted out some of the greatest names in our history and they did it with style. For once the Dodgers may have hit the jackpot when Frank McCourt was able to entice Dr. Charles Steinberg to leave the Red Sox. He was evidently  responsible for the moving opening day ceremonies. For once it appears the Dodgers have someone who understands the heart of the baseball fan and knows how to manipulate it.

I had stopped going to opening day because it was long on pageantry but short on substance. Yesterday I was lucky enough to score some tickets at the last minute and I’m glad I attended, as it was the best opening day coming off a non-championship season I’ve ever attended.

Dodger fans have been taking some will deserved hits these days but on opening day their faces were wet with tears instead of sloppy beers as the drive down memory lane opened the floodgates for many a fan. Most men will fight the tears, blinking at an abnormal rate to keep those tears in place, but sometimes even the greatest blinkers will lose the battle.

Yesterday 56,000 fans lost that battle and after a while the tears were a medal for being a Dodger fan.