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Fausto Carmona continues the trend of good young players locked up long term. His deal guarantees him 15 million dollars up to his second year of arbitration, with options taking the deal to 42.75 million dollars in his second year of free agency. At this rate, the free agent pool in a couple years will consist of nothing but filler and Scott Boras clients. Still no Dodgers wrapped up long term.

Edwin Jackson throws a two hit, eight inning shutout against the Mariners today. Good for him.

The Rockies and Mark And Brian are now bitter enemies.

I never got to write my offseason review for the Diamondbacks, and it seems a bit late now. For completions sake, trading a bunch of B and C prospects for a cheap, near elite player is a very good thing, and is probably the best use of B and C prospects for any team with a budget. So is trading one of of an inconsistent reliever for two years of an equally good one and a contingency plan at second. Josh Byrnes is making life very difficult for the Dodgers. Overall grade: A.