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Dodger Blogger Night


The Dodgers evidently held a Dodger Blogger Night last night at Dodger Stadium. I guess most of these people were invited but we weren't. Still if we had been invited I'm not sure if I'd gone.

Since most of us  evidently blog in our underwear from the baseman of our Mom and Dad's house I would not have been properly dressed. Plus we are social outcasts who wouldn't know how to behave in a societal setting. Still it would have been interesting to find out what the kind of underwear the other Dodgers bloggers get their inspiration from. Especially Alysa.

Meeting people you lampoon didn't really strike me as a good way to keep an edge, not that I have an edge but Andrew does. Dodger Blues has the ultimate edge.  If Ned was nice and offered compliments how could I cut him up the next time he traded a starting 3rd baseman for a not very good middle relief pitcher?