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Blue Sparks for week of 4/7 - 4/13

Someone suggested this so we will see how it goes. I'm going to highlight the hottest Dodger minor leaguers. Not all of these guys will be prospects as I want to give shout outs to those who are hot, not just those kids on the top 30 list.

1.Carlos Santana is as hot with the bat right now as his namesake has ever been with the guitar.  After going 1 for 7 on April 7th, he proceeded to get on base 12 times in his next 18 at bats. Collecting 7 hits and 5 walks, driving in 9 runs, and scoring 7. He's now sporting a robust 1.142 OPS. Last year he was frozen in Great Lakes and didn't get loose until mid-summer. The warmth of the California League seems to agree with him. He was one of my picks to click this year so I'm quite happy to see him showing some pop.

2. Josh Bell disappointed last year after his call up to the Cal League, but he has found 2008 more to his liking. Along with Teammate Carlos Santana they are pounding Cal League pitchers. Bell has on OPS of .940 and while he's still striking out at a prodigious rate, he's also learning to take a walk with 6 walks and 11'ks in 43 at bats so far.

3.Terry Tiffee may not be a prospect but no one has been hotter in the entire minor leagues then our AAA 3rd baseman. He currently leads the PCL in BA/OBA/OPS. It must be strange for Terry to  watch Nomar go hitless and know he will be starting at 3rd base when he finishes his rehab, while Terry is hitting the snot out of the ball against the same pitchers that Nomar can't  and may never see the major leagues again.

4.Miguel Pinango has 15 k's in 11 innings with a WHIP of 1.06. Not to shabby. Not really a prospect but the increase in dominance is nice to see.

5. Ivan DeJesus is sporting a .953 OPS and is one of the few offensive bright spots for the Suns. He continues to display a great eye and has a .471 OBA. Given his age this is an excellent showing so far in AA.

6. Russel Mitchel is displaying the power that seemed to leave him last year. His plus .600 slug % is good for 3rd in the league. At 23 he needs to show something and the move to 1st base doesn't help him any. Still it is nice to see him thriving in AA.

7.Clayton Kershaw has given up a few more hits than we'd like but in his last start he struck out 8 in 5 innings. They are keeping him on a strict pitch count but the word is that going into his next start they will be more lenient. Still the best bet to have an impact on the Dodgers 2008 season, he's only listed last because what the hey, he already gets all the attention.


Ice cold - the whole Vegas outfield and most of the Great Lake team