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Minor League Update 4/14/08

Vegas loses again but Nomar goes 3 for 3 in his rehab start. A few more games and it will make for an interesting decision for Torre. DeWitt would have had the game winner tonight if not for Saito showing Torre how good he had it for so long with the best closer in history. Greg Miller for the 1st time this year walked more then he struck out.

The Suns also lost but James McDonald struck out 9 in only 5 innings of work.  Next time look for him to work into the 6th inning. The Sun offense was a big zero except for the work put forth by Lucas May. After collecting 3 doubles last night he came right back with a home and 2 other hits to bring his average up to 364. So in two games he has moved his average from .216 to .364. Let us hope that Martin and Jones can elevate their averages just as quickly.

Inland Empire posts the only win tonight for the affiliates as Sexton threw a gem. Sexton threw 6 innings of one run ball and then lefty Leach threw two shutout innings to close it out.  Whatever baserunners Visalia could muster were quickly eliminated on the basepaths. Carlos Santana showing off the arm we've heard about nailed all 3 runners trying to steal, and for good measure Leach picked one off himself.

Great Lakes continues to hit like the major league Giants. Justin Miller did his job and so did Dutton but the defense coughed up four errors and all 4 runs allowed by the duo were unearned. Dutton threw no hit ball for 3 innings to back up the great start by Justin Miller. It was nice to see Dutton bounce back after his horrific appearance the other day.  By the time Don Mattingly regions the Dodgers his son may already be out of baseball. The former high pick is quickly proving that last year was not a fluke. However the weather is cold, so I'll reserve judgment since all I'm looking at is a box score.