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Old Prospects, Injured Prospects, New Prospects

were all on display  Tuesday  Night. Staying close to home oft  injured Hung-Chih Kuo started things off by walking in a run.  Since he was on a 70 pitch  count it looked doubtful  he would last two innings. As Dodger fans bemoaned another loss and another day in last place, he quickly turned things around and struck out 5 in a row  and was cruising  when the pitch count ended his night.  You can read about the  awakening of the Dodger offense somewhere else since this is all about  pitching. Loaiza gets a lot of flak but he pitched a gem tonight. Kept the bullpen tethered in case we need them tomorrow night.

Clayton Kershaw had taken to the mound 3 hours before Kuo and put on another fine display. When they did get on base he picked them off. He gave up 4 hits in 6 innings with six strikeouts. His record now stands at  0 - 3 but who cares about wins/losses. The Minotaur now has 18 k's in 14 innings and after a rocky 1st start is looking more and more like someone who will break the door down sometime this summer.

The other number one pick in the 2006 draft took the mound for the Great Lake Loons and turned in a solid performance. The word is that his velocity is back after his TJ surgery, so now we can only hope he turns his nasty stuff into something useful. Byran Morris has now pitched 2 decent games out of 3. I'm not looking for much from him this year, just get used to pitching again and hope his command didn't leave him as it does some TJ victims.

Finally Jon Meloan was on the hill for Vegas but the snow kept him from throwing a pitch.

Old friend Edwin Jackson fresh off his impressive performance last week didn't follow it up, as his problem child, control took him down once again.

The less we hear about Scott Elbert the worse it probably is. The last time I remember a pitcher having minor surgery and then having trouble in the spring was Greg Miller. He ended up having a 2nd surgery. Is Elbert headed in that direction?