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Feeling Fleeced

Once upon a time the Dodgers had a giveaway that was actually a quality product. When we went to our first Dodger fleece blanket give away we were shocked at the thickness of the giveaway blanket and so we made this giveaway a must game every year.

Our blanket collection has grown quite large and someday when I have a Dodger World Championship Party they will be a big part of the decorations. My wife had me jump through hoops to collect as many blankets as possible and we enjoyed rolling out our prizes at the end of the evening. With our large cat collection they made excellent cushy beds and even served as cushions for our old butts while at the game.

The once proud thick Dodger fleece blanket has now been replaced by a thin veneer of fleece that has little use. I'm not surprised; I was more surprised at the quality of the original blankets.

On the plus side I won't need to worry about securing seats anymore for Fleece blanket night.

Without the shocking Saito blown save,  the Dodgers would have swept the Pirates. We've shown we can rock lousy pitching, so we have that anyway as we head to Atlanta for one of those bizarre 5 day road trips.

As I suspected Nomar drew the largest ovation of the night when he was introduced. He did okay at 3rd and certainly was part of the offense by gettting on base 3 times. A Jones continues to get booed and everyone around was writing him off as done. Just like a quality stock who has fallen to affordable levels this is the time to buy low on A Jones, hopefully by the time the Dodgers come home on Wednesday, he will continue the progress we've seen this week and start paying dividends to the smart investor in the form of I told you sos.