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Furcal Finds Home

Pee Wee Young delivered the big hit but it was a healthy Furcal scoring from 2nd that was the big story of the Dodgers 3-2 win last night.

For the 1st time since Rafael Furcal signed his 3/39 million dollar deal in the winter of 2005  he is healthy in April. This is what he did in April in the first two years of his deal.

Rafael Furcal April Splits
Year Batting Average OnBase% Slug% OPS At Bats
2007 203 272 243 515 82
2006 198 306 219 525 111

Those are dismal numbers and many Dodger fans were just hoping that Furcal could end spring training without suffering any type of lingering injury. In 2006 he had surgery during the winter and it just took him longer to get ready and his numbers suffered at the beginning of the year. By the end of 2006 a healthy Furcal was the best player on the team.

In 2007 Jason Repko may have ruined the Dodger season when he took out Furcal in a spring training game and turned a routine pop up into a season long ankle sprain.

Finally the Dodgers are seeing a healthy Furcal and last night's dash home from 2nd on an infield single would never have happened in 2006 or 2007.

More then anyone, a healthy Furcal might be the key to the season. If the Dodgers can get a full season of a healthy Furcal I like their chances.