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Another Funky Radical Bombtrack

After Larry Bowa went Buddy Rich on Ed Montague last night, Bud Selig stepped in and suspended him three games. I’m rarely going to say this, but good for you Bud Selig. Usually I’m all in favor people showing emotion on the field. Things that tend to tick some people off like Milton Bradley’s home run sprint, Lastings Milledge high fiving the fans and even Odalis constantly throwing up his arms in disgust I largely approve of. Despite what you may believe, I don’t think the game is played by emotionless robots, and I like it when players occasionally show that they are human.


However, I only like these things when they’re done in reaction to the game. I don’t particularly enjoy it when people decide to rage against the machine for no reason, and that’s pretty much what Bowa did last night. He knew the rule, he was given plenty of warning about the rule, but Larry Bowa just had to show that his was bigger. I have no problem seeing him go down for this.