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Chan Ho earns his Dodger Whites

Andrew has taken enough shots at Chan Ho that if he had been within range of True Blue he'd be Dodger Swiss Cheese. After his awesome effort last night, I think Andrew was shooting blanks. 

Small sample size be dammed Chan Ho earned the right to pitch on this staff in a performance that kept the Dodgers above water. Maybe he will be our Colorado 2007 Matt Herges this year.

The Dodgers gambled with having Nomar as the only 3rd baseman on the roster and predictably they lost the gamble. Lucky for them they didn't lose the game and now LaRoche has a clear road to the job once he finishes his rehab. He needs to perform because the Dodgers need some hitting out of the 3rd base spot. Hard to believe but once LaRoche joins the team he could quickly become the biggest home run threat on the team. That is not really much of an endorsement as it is an indictment against the lack of home run power being displayed by Jones/Kemp/Loney/Ethier/Kent/Martin. Nice to see Kemp hitting some singles and doubles but a jack once in a while would be nice while he's hacking at every pitch thrown his way.