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Sweep Revenge

Dodger fans had their bellyful of the Rockies this winter after getting their ass handed to them last September.  When Saito gave up the game winning shot last Sept, it seemed to propel the Rockies into the stratosphere and the Dodgers into their winter of discontent.

Going into the weekend series, the Dodgers were not only behind the hot Diamonbacks but even the offensively impaired Giants could gaze down and mock them.  They needed a sweep to keep from being blown out of the NL West race and the bullpen did their job to make sure the sweep was delivered.

14 innings and only  1 earned run in 3 games will get it done. Corey Wade, Chan Ho Park, Scott Proctor, Broxton,  Beimel, and Saito did the job and the offense managed to score late twice to make the sweep a reality.

The Dodgers still aren't playing well but maybe this will get them going. Russ Martin has stepped us his game to another level as he's getting on base just about every time he comes to the plate.

Andruw Jones is still not hitting but man he still looks smooth in centerfield.

Vin Scully was in on the act this weekend as well. When Kemp came to the bat in the 2nd inning on Saturday, the words "he has yet to hit a grand slam" were still echoing when Kemp blasted his 1st granny onto the hitters eye. Today, James Loney came to the plate and we discovered via Vinny, that James had never had a walk off hit, no sooner had that been mentioned then James slammed a ground ball single in right field.  I was less then impressed with James's game winning hit as it could just has easy have been a double play ball. I  would have liked to have seen a ball in the air in that situation but luck was with us today.

So after a sweet weekend of baseball, the Dodgers have jumped into 2nd place and while 1st place does not look attainable at the moment, it is a hell of a lot better then where the Padres's are sitting.

Plus the Ray's swept the RedSox and now will have a winning record in April for the 1st time in their history. How cool is that?