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Links Are Fun

Ned takes on Ed Wade in the semi-finals of the Worst GM tournament . As of this moment, it’s 40-39 so every vote counts. It’s hard to believe, but I didn’t think Ned deserved to make it this far, he should get crushed by Ed Wade, and that he should get killed by any potential opponents in the finals. I guess I really have gone soft.


Derek Lowe  thinks that we’re a bunch of chill dudes who don’t care about winning out here on the West Coast. This is not something that I heard from a bartender.


The Giants continued their long string of boneheaded moves yesterday, banishing Barry Zito  to the bullpen after just six starts this year. If the Giants record was actually relevant this year, or if they had some young pitcher they wanted to try out, I guess I could see the logic of this, but the Giants have neither. Wouldn’t it make sense to give your 126 million dollar investment all the time in the world to work out his problems when you lose absolutely nothing? What does declaring Zito a sunk cost with still over 100 million coming his way gain you?


Then again, knowing the Giants, they could actually believe that Fred Lewis can continue to hit .329/.412/.541 and they’re actually a contending team. That would make me pretty happy.