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It's Back

The Big Board makes it's triumphant return to True Blue LA. If you have to know who plays second for the Inland Empire 66ers and you have to know now, you've got your chance. Now that I've found another semi updated source for minor league transactions, I'll actually be able to keep it up to date this year.

While putting this together, I noticed a few Paul DePodesta favorites quietly got released. Outfielder Anthony Raglani, who had put together a .264/.368/.454 line in four seasons with the Dodgers doesn't appear on any of our rosters, nor does Cory Dunlap, who certainly looked the part of a three true outcomes all star, but he managed to only slug .323 last year, which pretty much signed his release papers. Also notable in his abscene is Nook "Juan Pierre lite" Logan, which does leave the question of who becomes our 6th outfielder once Jason Repko collides with Xavier Paul.

And the winner for best name in the organization this year is a tie for the first time ever. Given Kutz and Cal Stanke get to share the award this year. Congratulations.