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John Lindsey - 25 game hitting streak for Vegas

While the major league club couldn't muster much against Peavy, John Lindsey is still raking for Vegas. He extended his carry over hitting streak to 25 games with two hits in his 1st three at bats tonight.  Angel prospect Brandon Wood has one heck of a hole in his bat right now with eight strikeouts in 12 at bats so far this season.

Meloan got his 1st start for Vegas and looked very much like a relief pitcher. He did great for two innings and then gave up four straight hits before settling back down. He got rocked again in the 3rd but was bailed out when Ardoin picked off one the baserunners.

Greg Miller then came in and for 4 batters looked like the Miller of old. He struck out 3 of the first four batters before walking his first man. Eventually he got out of the inning but not before two runs had scored. Still 4 punch outs in two innings with only one walk may be the best line he's posted in 12 months.

In California League action, 2007 high draft pick James Adkins started and pitched a strong 4 innings and that was followed by four more strong innings from my man Alberto Bastardo.

Great West Loons saw the Mattingly and Van Slyke boys do some offensive damage. Preston hit his 1st home run of the season and Van Slyke got two hits. Not sure if Van Slyke has ever gotten two hits in a game before in his dismal professional career.  Smit pitched a strong 5 innings but losing pitcher Sartor was even better. He gave up the winning run but before that the 6'6 Matt Sartor struck out 6 in three innings of work.