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CF Chris Young is wrapped up until 2013

In a move that might have ramifications for the Dodgers, the Diamondbacks secured Chris Young  to a 6 year deal.

I've often compared Young to Kemp, as they both are good young outfielders with plenty of power, ability to play CF, great speed, strike out alot, and have plate discipline issues. Young hit only 230 something while Kemp hit 340 last year but I expect that will be the only time we see such a huge gap in their performances.

I'm a big fan of Chris Young's as he's fun to watch play. He busts his butt on every play and I've seen him turn a few singles into hustle doubles because of the jump he gets out of the box every time he makes contact. The Diamondback outfield of Young, Upton, and Byrnes can boast an outfield that has power and plus speed at every position. Byrnes hit over his head last year but it is reasonable to expect Young and Upton to step up their games this year more then enough to make up for it.

As a Dodger fan I have a hard time not liking the Diamondbacks.