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Hull Breach

Eric Hull, the 28 year old who I’ve used as an example of who we could use instead of acquiring a middle reliever for a couple years running has been traded to the Red Sox a week after being DFAed. In return, the Dodgers get Christian Lara, a 23 year old shortstop playing in A ball who hit .238/.325/.399 with 106 strike outs in 366 at bats last year. While he’s supposed to be an excellent defender, striking out every 3.35 at bats while hitting for little power in a league he's too old for ensures this is the last we’ll hear of Christian Lara, at least in a baseball context.

Hull is nothing more than a middle reliever, so trying to project his performance is pretty much pointless. If he gets off to a good start, there’s a chance he can have a Scott Proctor like career, by making his debut at a late age and hitting the middle reliever lottery. After that, his position on the Red Sox will make him massively over rated, then we can give the Sox Tony Abreu to get him back.

Tony Jackson guesses that Ned made this trade to give Hull a chance to find play time somewhere else, but you would think a bullpen that currently employs Chan Ho Park would have ample room for a guy like Hull.