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Diamondbacks Double Up Dodgers 10 - 5

Mark Reynolds continued his display of "light tower" power when he crushed a pitch from Chad Billingsley for his 3rd home run in two nights. Even though the Diamondbacks scored 10 runs it was the only home run of the night which comes as a surprise given the power the kids have been displaying.

The Dodgers behind Loney, Kemp, Martin, and Ethier were supposed to be the new kids on the block but the Diamondback kids are pushing them around and rubbing their noses in the dirt.

After Tuesday Nights loss the Diamondback Kids (Upton/3), (C Young/4),  (Reynolds/5), (Drew/2), (Snyder/1), and (C Jackson) had hit 15 home runs compared to ONE by the Dodgers.

Some of that could be explained by the Diamondbacks playing in Coors and the Dodgers in Petco but in the last two games the Diamondback Kids have also out homered the Dodger kids 4 - 0.

I'm sure we will catch up, just as I'm sure Chad has better days a head but I'm also sure the Diamondback Kids are not going to play 2nd fiddle to anyone so the Dodgers better get it in gear. Loney has hit a bunch of harmless singles and sports a high but empty batting average, so at this time it has been the old man who has put the only charge into balls in the past week.

I've made fun of the fact the Dodgers are going with a 40 year old 2nd baseman as their clean up hitter. After watching the rest of the team I guess he really is their best option. At least for now.