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It's My First Day

Nathan Rode of Baseball America describes Christian Lara's first day as a Dodger.

Now, try to follow this: Lara started on the bench for Lancaster on Monday. The game was suspended and afterwards, Lara was notified that he had been traded to the Dodgers for Eric Hull. Lara had been assigned to Inland Empire. So that means, when the game resumes, he’d be on the opposite bench. But, his belongings were still in Lancaster so he rode the bus back with them to gather them. However, now that he was Dodgers property, he couldn’t return to Inland Empire on the Lancaster bus for liability reasons. So the 66ers sent a clubbie to pick Lara up and bring him back to San Bernardino to meet his new team. Lara spent the final three innings on the 66ers bench, but he didn’t get into the game.