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Bad Decision

A Dodger  friend of mine has been telling me for over a year what a great park the Lancaster Jethawks play in and that I should catch a game up there when the Dodger High A affiliate shows up. So this spring we checked out the schedule and circled this weekend as a get together game for the Jethawks and Inland Empire 66er's.

As the weekend approched I checked in with him and we decided that the Saturday 05:00 game would be the best one to check out.  I was excited and was going to invite True Blue patrons to check out the game with me. Carlos Santana and Josh Bell were on the team and Andrew's favorite,  Bridger Hunt was now playing 2nd base. Then I discovered I had tickets for tonights Dodger game.

I tried to give them away to my niece but it turns out she is in Huntsville. After checking out Iron Man on Friday Night(best comic book movie ever) I was still undecided which game to go to. The Dodgers had Billingsley going and he's the ace of my roto staff and my favorite Dodger pitcher(when Kuo is not starting) so I decided to skip the foray to check out the minor leaguers and see the big club instead.

As you know the big club sucked, Billingsley sucked, the offense sucked. So I get home and start checking out the minor league scores for my Blue Spark column.

Tommy Giles is highlighted on Minor League Baseball and I figured he must have had a good night to be highlighted. A good night indeed, how about Nine Runs Batted In worth of a good night. How about 25 RUNS for the Dodger affiliate. Everybody got in the act including Jamie Pedroza who hadn't done anything all year.. My favorite friend Carlos Santana also chipped in. Hell everyone chipped in. The box score says it all.

Andy is going to be ragging on me about this game all year.