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Maza Mania

Rafael Furcal's back injury has landed him on the DL, so we needed a replacement useless utility guy for Chin Lung Hu. With an organization as talent rich as the Dodgers, you'd think we'd have a good replacement on the 40 man, right?

Nope, we've got Luis Maza . Maza is a 28 year old organizational soldier who spent eight years filling out the roster in Minnesota, topping out at .308/.344/.465 between AA and AAA in 2004, and has spent the last two years doing the same thing for the Dodgers. Fortunately for him, Maza picked the right time to go on the hot streak of his life hitting .402/.465/.528 this year for the 51's. With original insurance policy Ramon Martinez DLed, the Dodgers had the choice of Maza, three day veteran Angel Chavez, and people named Rex Rundgren and Kevin Howard. Since they all have the same value, you might as well call up the guy who's on fire.

AA shortstop Ivan DeJesus could have been used as a potential call up, but it makes no sense to start burning his option years to sit on the bench and occasionally pinch run for Jeff Kent. So long as Maza is confined to that role, there's absolutely nothing wrong with this. No word yet on who is getting DFAed to make room for him.

Update>>Tony Abreu goes on the 60 day DL to make room for Maza on the 40 man.