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Our PVL are MIA

Last 14 Days - Not suitable for Children or those with squeamish stomachs
Player Avg OBP Slug% OPS
Juan Pierre 213 288 234 523
Jeff Kent 086 135 171 307
Andruw Jones 176 275 324 599

All week long I heard how Andruw Jones is done and how Juan Pierre is the catalyst for the offense and needs to be playing every day from the various broadcasters of our opponents.  I lost my appetite during the weekend and have yet to recover it.

Jose Mota is an idiot and if he ever becomes a Dodger broadcaster it will be a dark day in Dodger history. Monday is just boring but he is rarely an idiot. Ruess is  a little to wordy but at least he tries to convey what his happening. Stiener I like. Lyons I can live with.  Jose Mota sounds like he knows what he is talking about until you realize what he has said. Nothing is worse then minor leaguers who couldn't play then minor leaguers who are also lousy announcers. I long for the day of the professional broadcaster who never played the game.