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Do You Ever Get So Angry You Just Have To Blog?

Andruw Jones will get the surgery that's been mulled over for the last week or so, and will have a nice stay on the 15 day DL. In response, the Dodgers will make the obvious move and place Andy LaRoche on the 25 man roster. Since LaRoche clearly has nothing else to prove in AAA, there's not much fear in having him spend time on the bench with Blake DeWitt. It's not what I would prefer, but at least he'll finally get a shot.

Sorry, just got wrapped up in a bit of delusion there. Since we're the Dodgers, we're not going to call up our number two prospect, we're going to put Nomar on the 60 day DL and put Terry Tiffee on the active roster. Tiffee has an OPS of .624 in 273 big league at bats and lost his job to Nick Punto at one point. That's okay though, he  has a career .765 OPS in 3511 minor league at bats as a 29 year old, but since he's hitting .422 this year, he's obviously figured it all out.

I predict that Terry Tiffee will give the team the shot in the arm, and lead the team to a 90-30 record the rest of the way. He's hitting .422, how can he fail?