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Game Thread 5/7: New York Mets

Furcal out for the second straight day with back problems. Supposedly he's sitting today due to "precautions" which in Dodger Medical Staff speak means "misplaced his torso".


New York Mets @ Los Angeles Dodgers

05/07/08 12:10 PM PDT

New York Mets Los Angeles Dodgers
Jose Reyes - SS Juan Pierre - LF
Luis Castillo - 2B Andre Ethier - CF
David Wright - 3B Matt Kemp - RF
Carlos Beltran - CF Jeff Kent - 2B
Ryan Church - RF James Loney - 1B
Angel Pagan - LF Russell Martin - C
Marlon Anderson - 1B Blake DeWitt - 3B
Raul Casanova - C Hong-Chih Kuo - SS
John Maine - P Brad Penny - P