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Game Thread 6/15: Detroit Tigers

LaRoche sits today because Larry Bowa hit him in the face with a ground ball when he was taking infield. Seriously. Thanks to Bowa, es Maza Time.


Los Angeles Dodgers @ Detroit Tigers

06/15/08 10:05 AM PDT

Los Angeles Dodgers Detroit Tigers
Juan Pierre - LF Edgar Renteria - SS
Luis Maza - 2B Placido Polanco - 2B
Blake DeWitt - 3B Carlos Guillen - 3B
Russell Martin - DH Magglio Ordonez - RF
James Loney - 1B Miguel Cabrera - 1B
Matt Kemp - CF Marcus Thames - DH
Andre Ethier - RF Brandon Inge - C
Angel Berroa - SS Ryan Raburn - LF
Danny Ardoin - C Brent Clevlen - CF