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Stults it is

Fresh off his 1st appearance on Blue Sparks,  Eric Stults will be making his 2008 debut on getaway day this Thursday, replacing Brad Penny on the roster and Kuroda in the rotation. Penny hits the DL and Kuroda goes to LA for a MRI.

Joe has decided to go with Stults instead of Kuo because he does not want to disrupt the rythm of his rarely used ace out of the bullpen. Given how often Joe has pulled the strings correctly this season, we should rest easy with this decision.

However I expect that Kuo will just be called on to clean up the mess that Stults creates as the Dodgers meager offense will probably be staring up at an insurmountable lead.

As we head toward the 1/2 way mark i expept the odds were fairly high that the infamous John Bowker would have more home runs then any of our celebrated kidpack. If Kemp is going to swing and miss at a rate comparable to Ryan Howard the least he could do is drive the ball when he does make contact, instead of the plethora of infield hits he seems to thrive on. Two weeks ago on Monday I saw Kemp crush the ball 3 out of 4 times. Since then I think he's hit ball hard once. Right now he's emulating the worse of Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones.


Wow was Billingsley on tonight. We scrap together a couple of runs. sweat through Broxton and Saito and the 5 game losing streak is over. Do we start another one or right the ship and bring it home on a high note. Lowe goes on 3 days rest and Stults gets his first start of the year. I'm betting we start a new losing streak.