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Hanging On

Much like this cat the Dodger hung on for dear life and kept the broom locked away in the closet.  Luckily for them, Byrd wasn't ready when the game started and the Dodgers started out looking like the 27 Yankees.  Four batters, four runs and it looked like a cakewalk with Chad on the mound.

In a very un acelike performance, Chad almost gave the lead right back but was saved by an excellent relay from Etheir-Maza-Martin to nail the tying run at the plate. Chad's buttons would pop with every errant breaking pitch he threw and he almost become undressed on the mound. He survived and gave it over to the bullpen where the 4 Amigos made short work of the Indians.

Even I stayed home to watch this one as I just didn't have it in me to get baked today. Martin must feel like goo right now and Chad probably lost around 15 pounds today. This was a win we had to have, to take advantage of B Webb blowing a 3 run lead to the Twins. Right now the Rockies are playing the best ball in the division and if we don't pay attention they could blow right by us.

Heading into a week where we lost the services of Penny and Kuroda the filler pitched solidly and did all we could expect from them. LaRoche is getting more playing time and Loney is still on fire. Furcal, Jones, and Schmidt are all on the mend and it looks like Penny and Kuroda will rejoin the rotation shortly. Plenty of time for a turnaround to this season.