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Love them Rockies

Nothing like bringing in last years NL Champions to help kickstart the offense. I hadn't been to game in a while so I cherry picked the Reynolds game as one that held promise for an offensive evening and the boys in blue came through.

Given how everyone had been extrapolating our current home run totals and showing that we could end the season with only one guy hitting 15 home runs it was fun to watch Etheir go from 4 to 5 and thus 12 to 15, Kent go from 5 -6 and thus 15 to 18, and finally Kemp going from 3 - 4 and thus 9 - 12.  Amazing what one game of dingers will do for the extrapolation. Going into the game Kent, DeWitt, and Furcal all had 5 home runs but Kent decided to break out of the pack. Ethier made sure we still had a threesome by joining them, and Matt Kemp will probably blow right by them all by the end of June.

Kemp hit bomb after bomb last night and his last one reached the deepest reaches of the field level dropping just below the Lodge. Two years ago he hit one into the Lodge and he came close last night.  Maybe the best night I've seen him have since he 1st came up and went Jay Bruce for us.  Kemp might like this time period. It was May 28th - June 14 in 06 when he first came up and put up those ongodly numbers and got us all excited in the 1st place.