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Pierre hits the Dl

and somehow Joe Torre still finds a way to keep his 3 best outfielders from playing in the same game.

Jason Repko the noted killer of RHP with his .657 OPS will get the nod instead of Matt Kemp who will be riding the pine.

As I've noted before Joe Torre makes it very hard to root for my team. The Gods smiled on us and smote Pierre but couldn't leave well enough alone and decided to poke us in the eye with a hot iron.

As of right now I'm much more interested in how the Rays/Boston showdown plays out then in how Joe Torre can continue to pick away at my sanity.  LaRoche and Kemp can discuss their future with the team as their substitutes flail away.

Nothing against Repko or DeWitt they are just pawns for a guy who should have been allowed to stay retired.



To assuage all those people complaining in the prior thread about Matt Kemp being left out of the lineup:

"Matt Kemp was out of the lineup because he woke up with irritation in his right eye and was unable to immediately put a contact lens in it. Due to the irritation, he's likely unavailable tonight.

Leung at Press-Enterprise."

Now I feel real stupid. This is why I vent less and less.