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Mother Of God

Ned made his first trade in a while, sending shortstop Juan Rivera (aka nothing) to the Royals for Angel Berroa. Given the performance of our middle infield, I have to imagine that Berroa will be our starting shortstop for a while.

Berroa was a safe answer to "who is the worst player in baseball" for several years running and is the second zero tool player to come our way in recent years. Berroa is the rare player who can combine the inability to hit for average, have no power, hack away at anything and play really bad defense. The sad thing is that Berroa might actually be an upgrade over what we have. No, he really isn't, Hu can at least catch the ball.

Someone will have to get DFAed to make room for Berroa on the 40 man roster. Mark Sweeney is the easy target, and maybe we can drop him, send down Hu, and call up LaRoche. That'd at least be a silver lining to this.