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24 Hours Later

24 hours ago things were looking bleak in Dodger land. We were being shut out by Brandon Webb with no hope in sight. Andy LaRoche was rotting away on the bench. Pablo Osnuna was the latest nothing player to be acquired by Ned. Jason Johnson was going to start on Tuesday instead of Kershaw. The bad taste of Matt Kemp's Saturday at bat was still lingering like thrown up spaghetti.  Andruw Jones still couldn't buy a hit.

Then  in one sweet motion the future changed.  Down 4 - 1 in the 9th, good fortune shined on the Dodgers when Steven Drew misplayed A Jones DP groundball. A crack appeared.  After Blake DeWitt made his out, Andy LaRoche came off the bench to get his first hit of the year with two outs and a man in scoring position. The crack was now wider.  Matt Kemp  took a chisel to it and kept working on the crack until he busted it wide open with one of the best at bats of the season. Tying run on 1st base with two out, he worked Lyon to a 2 - 2 count. Then he fouled off a curve ball and follwed that with a Lee Lacy like line drive, laced into left centerfield. Pablo Osuna who had been inserted for LaRoche raced around the bases and belly flopped into home just a head of the throw  with the tying run. Torre gave Kemp a salute while my stomach was doing flips. Eventually we won as Ethier and Martin continued the onslaught. Today we got news that Kershaw would start on Tuesday instead of Jason Johnson. Then to top it off the lineup today has LaRoche starting at 3rd base against a RHP with word that he will play the entire series.

Nothing against DeWitt who I like more then most here, but LaRoche needs to be given these at bats. This team needs power and patience and probably nobody on this roster can give us that kind of combination like LaRoche. Heres to hoping he cashes in on his chance.

Oh, and Brad Penny might be back by early August. I've given up on Schmidt but hopefully Brad was cured with rest.

All in all this has been a sweet 24 hours.